Take a closer look!
Take a closer look!

Come, Holy Spirit!

With awe-inspiring illustrations and memorable rhyme, this book introduces children to the Holy Spirit and the captivating events of Pentecost. It also explains in a child-friendly way how the Holy Spirit helped the saints and has always been active in the Church throughout the ages, including today.


About the Author

Gracie Jagla is a Catholic wife and mother. Her children’s books bring the fun to the Faith! Infusing a little imagination, with a sprinkle of grace, into Catholic tradition, she hopes to help children learn to love the Faith and to make God smile in the process.

About the Illustrator

Ted Schluenderfritz has worked in the Catholic publishing world for the past twenty years as an illustrator and graphic designer. He has been the art director for magazines such as Catholic DigestEnvoy, and Gilbert Magazine. Besides editorial illustration, he has illustrated several children’s books, including Portrait of the Son by Josephine Nobisso, the Old and New series by Maura Roan McKeegan, and The Attic Saint by Tim Drake. He and his family publish an online magazine for children and their parents, 5sparrows.com, which features original stories, liturgical reflections, puzzles, games, and much more. To see more of his art, visit him on Instagram @schluenderfritz and @5sparrowskids.

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