Take a closer look!
Take a closer look!

Look up to the altar,
And what do you see?
That small piece of bread
In the priest’s hands is me!

My child, I am Jesus,
And I love you so.
I have a great story
I’d like you to know.

With beautiful illustrations and memorable rhyme, this book introduces children to the miracle that occurs at every Mass — the bread and wine on the altar transformed into the real presence of Jesus. Told from the unique and intimate perspective of Jesus himself, the story explains the incredible gift that the Eucharist is for us.

Jesus and the Miracle of the Mass will draw children and adults alike into Jesus’ heart and spark a love and desire for the Eucharist.


About the Author

Gracie Jagla is a Catholic wife and mama to the sweetest little girls. She is also a children’s author whose books bring the fun to the Faith! Infusing a little imagination, with a sprinkle of grace, into Catholic tradition, she hopes to help children learn to love the Faith and make God smile in the process. Her first books are God the Father and the Best Day Ever and The Night the Saints Saved Christmas.

About the Illustrator

Artist Randy Friemel resides in Texas, where he is known for creating liturgical and Christian art since 2009. Friemel is best known for his Christian art, and feels it is the highest calling of all artists. Having made illustrations for several kids’ books, Friemel prefers using oils to create scenes and make things happen, and he enjoys the texture in the end result.

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