A Book of Saints

Created by artist Adalee Hude, each amazing illustration in this book is rich with color and detail, reminiscent of magnificent stained glass windows. Each page includes a brief biography of the saint and their feast day. Each saint image also includes a Latin word associated with that particular saint, along with a brief discussion of the word’s meaning.


Topics Include:

  • Saints

Meet the Author & Illustrator

Adalee Hude has been studying art all her life. She earned a BA in art from Cal State Long Beach. She was called from a career in secular art to focus on Catholic sacred art and writing. Her artistic repertoire includes painting, sculpture, illustration, design, and crafting. The Arts & Crafts movement, medieval art, God’s beautiful world, and the lives of the saints are particular influences on her work. Her work is available on her website www.brightlyhude.com.

Also Available!

Make the beautiful artwork your own with the companion Light of Heaven coloring book, featuring 23 saints.

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