Amazing Catholic Men and Women

God has real-life superheroes of his own. They started out as ordinary people. Then something (God!) happened to them, and they changed. Each book highlights three dozen amazing Catholic men and women.

They all used the talents God gave them and sacrificed to change the world for the better. They are still champions for good today, and these are their stories. These amazing Catholic men and women want to stand by your side throughout your adventures and help with the obstacles you face. They want you to become one of God’s superheroes, too!

For ages 7-12.

Topics Include:

  • Saints
  • Bravery
  • Strength
  • Healing

Meet the Author

Mary Fluhr Bajda loves her faith, family, music, and books. A graduate of Marywood University, she keeps busy as director of religious education and director of music and liturgy at Saint Ann’s Church in Shohola, Pennsylvania, where she works with children of all ages. Her love of books, her interest in the saints, and her desire to help young people find their mission in the Catholic Church come together in her books. Mary enjoys country life with her family in the beautiful Pocono Mountains.

Meet the Illustrator

Melinda Steffen has been drawing ever since she was little. A lifelong Catholic originally from Livonia, Michigan, she has been a freelance illustrator in Brooklyn, New York, for over a decade. Under the name Mindy Indy, she creates her own comic series, Aer Head, and custom comic wall art.

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