Take a closer look!
Take a closer look!

How to Handle Sadness

In Jane’s Dismal Day, children will learn how to handle the tricky emotion of sadness with the help of their Catholic Faith!

By the end of each book in this series, children will learn what that sadness looks and feels like, and that the emotion itself is normal. Bible stories, wisdom from saints, and prayer are also included so that children can understand that even great heroes of the Bible and saints through the ages have felt the same way.


Meet the Author

Christine Gibson is a lifelong educator with a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Purdue University, and a master’s degree in School Counseling and doctorate in Educational Leadership from The University of Southern Mississippi. A cradle Catholic, wife, and mother of two, Christine serves as a Catholic school counselor in Lexington, Kentucky. Her daily goal is to use the wisdom of the Catholic Faith and the science of psychology to teach children how to love themselves and love their neighbor as themselves. She thanks her children and her students for inspiring her to write this series of books.

Meet the Illustrator

Michael Rogers is a South Dakota-based illustrator whose illustrations have been featured in multiple children’s books. Growing up, Michael was inspired by religious and cinematic art, which led him to a career in illustration. In 2019, he received a bachelor’s degree in studio arts from South Dakota State University. Michael currently works and resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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