Take a closer look!
Take a closer look!

It makes sense!

In Detective Thomas and the Biggest Question, curious middle grade readers can follow along with Thomas’s sleuthing, while using prompts to solve the mystery of God’s existence themselves. Using Saint Thomas Aquinas’s Five Proofs for the Existence of God as a basis, this fun, engaging story helps young people understand that faith is reasonable, and it makes sense!


Meet the Author

Caitlin has been working within and for the Church for the past dozen years, currently as Marketing and Communications Director for WeDignify, a midwestern pro-life organization. Past work experiences include working in Communications for the Diocese of Arlington, VA, and as the Communications Director for Fuzati, a Catholic Marketing Agency. Caitlin served for several years as the editor of Human Life International’s Truth and Charity Forum and has been widely and consistently published in Catholic publications, including Crisis, Zenit, Catholic Exchange, Aleteia, UCatholic The National Catholic Register, Ever Eden Journal and more. She has a Master’s in Systematic Theology from Christendom College and a Licentiate in Catholic Communications from the University of the Holy Cross (Rome) as well as a BA in History and Theology from the University of Dallas. She is a wife and mother to four redheads and, besides her family, her biggest passions in life are communicating the faith and reading. Her eight year old’s inquisitive questions about the faith were the spark that originated the idea for this book.

Meet the Illustrator

Evie Faith Schwartzbauer is a Minneapolis based artist who creates illustrations, logo designs, and does face painting. A convert to the Catholic faith, Evie is a passionate advocate for authentic Catholicism and the pro-life cause. You can find Evie and her work online at Evie’s website, at behance.net/evieRombalArt, and on Instagram @evierombal.